White paper debate on tax reform continues

Taxpayers Research Foundation Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Taxpayers Australia Limited, has commissioned a white paper to contribute to the ongoing debate in relation to Australia’s long-term taxation policy. The paper addresses a number of major deficiencies in Australian taxation policy. White paper debate on tax reform continues

“In conjunction with the Re:think submissions, we recognised the need to add to the tax reform debate to place all possible options on the table,” said the CEO of Taxpayers Australia, Moti Kshirsagar.

“We need fundamental tax reform in this country and the more additional ideas the better for consideration by policy makers.  This paper addresses some lesser debated issues like the Wine Equalisation Tax and Insurance duties,” Kshirsagar said.

“Some recommendations do not necessarily relate to reform of the Australian taxation system, but has broader application to the reform of the Australian federation, currently being reviewed by the government in a separate white paper.  These issues relate to how the states should be funded in order to provide its services to the community.”


Note to editor: If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule an interview with Taxpayers Australia’s Business Services Manager, Lisa Greig, please email lgreig@taxpayer.com.au.

Taxpayers Research Foundation Limited was established to conduct research into public policy issues and legislation impacting on the Australian taxpayers and to promote policy solutions that maximise the economic and social wellbeing of all Australians.  To do this, the Foundation carries out, or contracts leading academics and consultants to carry out research projects on specific tax policy issues and promotes the outcomes of this research, including to policy makers. The Foundation has a commitment to ensuring research findings are the conclusion of high quality, rigorous and objective analysis.

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