Warning: Tax (financial) advisers need to re-register before the rush

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) is urging tax (financial) advisers who need to renew their registration by 1 January 2018 to get in early, as almost 13,000 other practitioners will be due to renew at the same time.

TPB chair Ian Taylor encourages tax (financial) advisers to renew early to avoid application processing delays.

“Tax (financial) advisers who renew early will be registered for at least three years from their current expiry. They can enjoy their December-January break knowing their registration is secure and won’t affect their business,” he says.

Deadline already passed?
The TPB also warns that there may indeed be tax (financial) advisers who are already operating illegally, as an October 31 deadline for re-registration has already passed with the very real possibility that some tax agents have not renewed their registration.

Ian Taylor says that of 1,100 renewal reminder emails sent to tax (financial) advisers before the deadline, 18% were returned as undeliverable because the email address was invalid.

Check your registration
The TPB says there are things tax (financial) advisers can do to get ready for renewal:

  • Use the TPB’s online tool to check they meet all the qualification and experience requirements. If they are a voting member of a recognised professional association, this can help meet the requirements.
  • Update their address and mobile number (for SMS messages) on the TPB’s My Profile page to ensure they do not miss renewal reminders.
  • Complete their statement of relevant experience now, especially if it needs to be verified by a supervisor.
  • Register to attend the TPB’s free webinar Top Tips for renewing with the TPB to be held in November and December.

The TPB website has tools to assist tax (financial) advisers with their renewal application including a video to help them complete a statement of relevant experience and a renewal kit to assist with the process.

Applicants can also check the frequently asked questions for tax (financial) advisers if they encounter problems, or they can email the TPB. Warning: Tax (financial) advisers need to re-register before the rush. Warning: Tax (financial) advisers need to re-register before the rush. Warning: Tax (financial) advisers need to re-register before the rush

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