The ATO service SuperMatch was suspended, but now starting again

SuperMatch had been offered by the ATO as a service to connect APRA-fund trustees with information about super fund accounts, including lost member accounts and any ATO-held money belonging to existing fund members or individuals who are joining a fund. It provided information about:

  • all active accounts held by that member
  • all categories and amounts of ATO-held super, including      
    • super guarantee
    • super holding accounts (active and inactive)
    • super co-contribution
    • low income super contribution (LISC)
    • low income super tax offset (LISTO)
    • unclaimed super money (resident and former temporary resident).

More information can be found in these ATO documents: SuperMatch terms and conditions (PDF 422KB) and SuperMatch user guide (PDF 433KB).  

Service suspended in May 2020

The SuperMatch service was however disconnected in May this year after the ATO became aware of, as it put it, “concerning usage behaviour”. 

Subsequent consultation with the industry since then has seen a re-issuing of the SuperMatch user terms and conditions, which now include user identity verification, an ongoing monitoring of the use of the service by trustees (and confirmation to the ATO of compliance in this regard), and other minor administrative adjustments.

The ATO now says that trustees wanting to reconnect to the SuperMatch service must complete an application and provide adequate evidence to demonstrate their solutions and processes are compliant with the updated requirements.

It has started to receive and assess applications, and says approved trustees will have access to SuperMatch re-established from 31 August 2020 or as their application is approved moving forward. For further information in relation to SuperMatch, the new requirements or the application process, contact


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