Taxpayers Australia becomes Tax & Super Australia

Keeping up with the rapidly changing tax and super landscapeTaxAustralia logo_Landscape_CMYK_Positive

To reflect our changing focus over time, Taxpayers Australia Ltd is now Tax & Super Australia. We are more dedicated than ever in our efforts to support and empower tax and super professionals.

After an extensive re-branding exercise, we’ve developed a new visual identity. The original logo, St George and the dragon, served us well until now. Designed in the early 20th century, it represented our efforts in supporting taxpayers.

Our new visual identity aligns us with the ever- changing tax and super landscape. While paying homage to our heritage, it better represents our new approach with the agility of the knight chess piece. This is where we see our future for our members — your agile strategic partner in finding solutions to today’s tax and super challenges.

Our new website features an improved member portal with an array of useful tools, essential information and support to meet your requirements and the expectations of your clients. It is also now devise-responsive, so you can take your tablet or iPad to clients and still access the information you need. You can also catch up even on your mobile anywhere anytime.

For more information, visit our new website or feel free to contact Membership Services on 03 8851 4555.

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