Tax & Super Australia is about to celebrate 100 years

World Taxpayers Conference
Last call tickets

In the month of May, as the clock ticks over for Tax & Super Australia’s 100 year birthday, we will be teaming up with The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance for a four day conference, from May 23 to 26 inclusive, to exchange ideas and learn from the best practices of the worlds leading advocates.

This week is the last call to secure tickets to this premier event. Tickets are still available (see below for link to purchase tickets). Or call 03 8851 4555.

The conference is set up under the auspices of the World Taxpayers Associations (WTA). The WTA is an international umbrella organisation of approximately 59 member and observer groups from 46 countries that represent a combined 2 million supporters. Every two years, WTA holds an international gathering. The last four conferences have been held in Berlin (2016), Vancouver (2014), Kiev (2012) and London (2010) — and now it’s Australia’s turn to host the 17th World Taxpayers Conference.

Delegates have been invited from across the globe to join us in Sydney from May 23 to 26 inclusive. This shall be an unparalleled opportunity to hear from the world’s leading academic experts, as well as campaign and communication strategists. Participants will be able to implement cutting edge practices when they return to their home countries.

In addition, participants will enjoy social and networking events including a waterside Gala Dinner and a leisurely cruise through the majestic Sydney Harbour, and an optional wine tasting tour the Monday following the conference through one of the worlds greatest wine regions, the spectacular Hunter Valley.

More information about the conference can be found here. Registration is open now.[ik_fb_feed title=”Seats are filling Up! 2019 WTA _ 100th Anniversary Gala” id=”TaxpayersAU” use_thumbs=”1″ colorscheme=”light”]

The history
In May 1919, a group of businessmen formed an association in Melbourne, which at the time was Australia’s capital city and the seat of government. The Great War had ended only six months before, but the citizens were concerned that the government of the day had yet to take action to fulfil its promise to repeal certain taxes that were created during the great conflict in order to pay for the nation’s involvement in the war.

As the taxes stayed in force, one could contend that the new Taxpayers’ Association failed in its attempt to keep the government true to its word. However it is undeniably also true that it was the government’s backtracking that spurred this group of concerned citizens to form an association that has ever since been representing and giving voice to first ordinary taxpayers and then tax practitioners.

Similar associations were quickly set up in all the other states, and for a time the organisation was known as the Australian Taxpayers’ Associations. This in time became the national body Taxpayers Australia and, after the DIY super (now SMSF) phenomenon took off and also as the representation of tax practitioners took on a greater significance, segued again to become Tax & Super Australia.

Tax & Super Australia is the world’s oldest taxpayer group and is also a founding member of the World Taxpayers Association — and this year marks our 100 year anniversary.

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