Take heart: Australians love their tax agent and accountant

It would be a serious understatement to say that the past year has been a doozy, and tax practitioners could be forgiven if they wondered if their performance to satisfy client expectations was such that they had regained pre-pandemic levels of trust and faith.

Well the good news seems to be that the answer is in the affirmative.

The Tax Practitioners Board conducts a survey every six months, taking a sample of 12,000 consumers each time as well as a 5% sample of the tax practitioners registered with it (the TPB says you shouldn’t be pestered by this more than once every 10 years).

It says it follows best-practice advice for online surveys by not publicising that research is taking place. “This prevents online phishing campaigns and protects the tax practitioner community from fraudsters who attempt to steal private information by mimicking survey emails,” the TPB says.

The latest survey results show, among other factors, that consumer confidence in the tax practitioner profession remains very high.  

The latest TPB survey (conducted late last year) shows that consumers have a high trust level in their tax practitioner (88%) and the majority rated their experience as excellent (66%). The majority of consumers (58%) advise that they have used the same tax practitioner for more than five years. 

Most consumers (66%) who were aware of the TPB were also aware of the public register of tax practitioners. Understanding of the role of the TPB by the profession has remained steady (79%). 

A high percentage of tax practitioners (85%) believe that the TPB is effective at ensuring that tax practitioners are registered, and the majority of respondents also recognised that regulation of the sector protected both tax practitioners and consumers.  

The TPB says it is planning to conduct another such survey later this year.

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