Tax & Super members respond with black economy solutions

  In the 2018-19 federal budget, the government announced a review of existing criminal offences and civil and administrative penalties for black economy activity. As part of this process, Treasury issued a consultation paper late last year, which was titled Improving black economy enforcement and offences (download it here). Tax & Super Australia provided a submission

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The shake up that’s coming to Division 7A

  Discussion about reforms to Division 7A has been bouncing back and forth between the tax practitioner community and Treasury/ATO for many years — since the end of 2012 in fact. And while it’s been tempting to conclude that the powers-that-be perhaps don’t really want change, and were stonewalling us all along, a definite crack

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What is ‘Sounding Board’, and how can it help your practice?

In the interests of regulatory reform and simpler tax laws, the Australian government has requested the Board of Taxation to seek ideas for tax system improvement from its stakeholders, businesses and the community. What is ‘Sounding Board’, and how can it help your practice? The resulting initiative Sounding Board is an innovative online collaboration platform

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