tax law

Funding litigation costs for tax cases

The ATO says it can help fund your client’s reasonable litigation costs if the outcome of their case will affect a significant number of taxpayers by: Funding litigation costs for tax cases clarifying the law, and/or developing legal precedent. Its test case litigation program was established to fund cases that have broader implications beyond individual

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Modernising the ATO’s existing public rulings

The ATO has produced a large number of public rulings over many years. Although most are current, many have not been updated in a very long time. To address this situation it has announced a program of modernisation of its database of rulings under its new “advice under development” program. This initiative allows practitioners to

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ATO improves and streamlines private ruling applications

During one of its regular reviews of private advice, the ATO says it discovered that tax practitioners have tended to spend a lot of time drafting proposed rulings, which ATO staff then subsequently revise and/or amend. Responding to practitioner feedback, the ATO has decided to ramp up its efforts to streamline the process. It says

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