tax law

PCGs versus binding advice – it’s the law, not the vibe

Practical compliance guidelines (PCGs) have been brought up as a topic for discussion at a number of recent forums, notably at consultation groups the ATO hosts, which can include representatives of tax, accounting and legal professional associations, industry bodies, the Board of Taxation, Treasury and the ATO. At the table of various consultative meetings is

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The ATO’s administrative treatment of retrospective legislation

Retrospective tax law changes take affect for a period before the date of enactment, once the legislation is passed. For example, legislation that came into law in the last half of 2017 now makes a reality a measure first proposed in the May 2017 Federal Budget. The “housing tax integrity” bill solidifies the government’s intention

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The evolution of reliable tax guidance

The way in which our tax laws operate with regard to tax revenue collection interactions between the ATO and Australian taxpaying citizens changed dramatically just over 30 years ago when the then Treasurer Paul Keating introduced the Taxation Laws Amendment Act 1986, which introduced a system of tax collection that to this day is referred

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