tax deductions

Do you have a legal expense, and is it deductible?

When a legal expense is incurred in relation to the operation of a business to produce assessable income, it is generally allowable as a deduction. Exceptions are when the legal fee is capital, domestic or private in nature, if it is specifically excluded by another section of income tax legislation, or is incurred in earning

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An expense that’s hard to categorise? It could be a D15

  Clients now and then may need to be directed towards the supplementary section of a tax return if they are keen to claim a deduction that does not sit comfortably within the other items that precede it. The supplementary section is where we find item D15, “other deductions”. In its guidance, the ATO makes

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EOFY checklist for employment-related tax deductions

This checklist contains a general list of general and specific employment-related deductions and should be used as a guide only. The results may vary depending on individual circumstances. The individual should also have the relevant written evidence where required. Also, how much of the expense is allowable as a tax deduction will depend on the

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