tax avoidance

Div 165: The GST regime’s Part IVA

  Division 165 of the GST Act contains anti-avoidance provisions in respect of GST that are similar to those available for income tax purposes. The Division 165 rules are designed to deter schemes that would produce benefits by reducing GST payable, increasing refunds, or altering the timing of payment of GST or refunds, and are

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Amazon’s tax reputation is a challenge for the ATO

The retailing behemoth Amazon is expected to open for business in Australia very soon, perhaps even in time for Christmas. But Amazon’s tax reputation is a challenge for the ATO, with the worrying factor being the mega-player’s track record on dodging its tax obligations in other countries across the globe where it has opened its

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Dividend stripping in the taxman’s firing line

The Tax Office has recently warned about the practice known as “dividend stripping”, and has drawn attention to a previously issued taxpayer alert also warning against these arrangements. Of particular concern is dividend stripping involving the transfer of private company shares to a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). The Tax Office says the typical target audience

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