tax assessment

ATO warns myGov a wrong fit for tax agent lodgment

The ATO says it has identified some tax agents (both registered and unregistered with the Tax Practitioners Board) who have been using their client’s personal login details to access that client’s ATO Online account myTax through myGov. The tax agents concerned then lodge tax returns on behalf of their clients. The ATO warns that myTax

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ATO lets the cat out of the bag on what attracts its attention

There are certain behaviours, characteristics and tax issues that the ATO admits will attract its attention. ATO lets cat out of bag on what attracts its attention But as it is more interested to see taxpayers get things right rather than the bother, and expense, of chasing down every misdemeanour, the ATO has spelled out

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What’s delaying that client’s return? The ATO has some pointers

What’s delaying your client’s tax return? The ATO says that while it strives to maintain its service commitment, there will inevitably will be some returns that may take longer to process. What’s delaying client’s tax return? It says typically this could occur when: returns for previous years have been lodged with the current year’s return

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