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ATO developing new online services for agents

  Practitioners’ views of the ATO’s existing tax agent and BAS agent portals will be many and varied, but it is not too long a stretch to say that the outcomes for tax professionals from both of these portals has been found wanting on more than one occasion. The ATO itself admits that the incumbent

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When your ‘nearest neighbour’ turns out to be Big Brother

When your ‘nearest neighbour’ turns out to be Big Brother. Although the transition to Standard Business Reporting (SBR) might be getting a lot of attention, there are several other strategic digitally-based analytics projects underway at the ATO. For example, its Smarter Data Program, which the ATO pre-empted through its document Blueprint for Change that was

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Guide to finding an accountant or tax agent

Many Australians have moved to lodging their own tax returns. Recent data from the Australian Taxation Office shows that almost 30% of individual taxpayers are lodging their own tax returns online. This still leaves a large proportion of Australians who use an accountant of some description to assist them in determining the tax they owe

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