super contributions

Early release super amounts may have other unintended uses

There are no restrictions on how the money released under the new coronavirus compassionate ground early release scheme is spent. This means that an eligible individual is free to spend this money on anything they choose, or save it for future expenses. They are also free to recontribute any unused amounts back into their superannuation

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Maximising contributions into your SMSF

  Gabriela Rusu explores some strategies that can be used to maximise contributions into SMSFs, and identifies the opportunities and the practical steps involved in implementing these strategies.   Most superannuation strategies revolve around the effective use of contributions to gradually build the amount of super savings needed to live comfortably in retirement. Super contribution

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SMSF strategy – Tax Office form to adjust concessional contributions

The ATO has released a form that notifies it that a member of a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) has made concessional contributions in one financial year (year 1) but their SMSF did not allocate them to the member until the next financial year (year 2). Most SMSFs use provisions in their trust deeds concerning contribution reserves to

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