private rulings

The evolution of reliable tax guidance

The way in which our tax laws operate with regard to tax revenue collection interactions between the ATO and Australian taxpaying citizens changed dramatically just over 30 years ago when the then Treasurer Paul Keating introduced the Taxation Laws Amendment Act 1986, which introduced a system of tax collection that to this day is referred

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What your clients need to know if they ask for a private ruling

That the ATO has taken the tax practitioner sector’s feedback about private rulings seriously is to be commended, however just in case clients hear about the initiative and think this translates to “open slather”, there are still some sober facts that taxpayers need to be reminded of when it comes to applying for rulings from

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ATO improves and streamlines private ruling applications

During one of its regular reviews of private advice, the ATO says it discovered that tax practitioners have tended to spend a lot of time drafting proposed rulings, which ATO staff then subsequently revise and/or amend. Responding to practitioner feedback, the ATO has decided to ramp up its efforts to streamline the process. It says

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