Online services for agents is on the horizon

Online services for agents The ATO’s “Online services for agents” is a new secure system to access services you use in the tax and BAS agent portals. Online services for agents includes new features and functions not available in the portals, however the ATO says it will retain features that practitioners have nominated as being

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ATO developing new online services for agents

  Practitioners’ views of the ATO’s existing tax agent and BAS agent portals will be many and varied, but it is not too long a stretch to say that the outcomes for tax professionals from both of these portals has been found wanting on more than one occasion. The ATO itself admits that the incumbent

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ATO is looking for feedback on its PLS dashboard

  The ATO has developed a practitioner lodgment service (PLS) dashboard to provide information on how the PLS is performing. The dashboard is in a public beta phase, which lets ATO operatives test and make improvements based on user feedback before it is made fully available. Tax practitioners — basically the people who will be

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