Investment guidance, forms, explanations

  Use the links provided to find out more about investing, and find out more about the ATO’s investor’s tax planning tips. Tax planning in general Tax advice website for investors  The ATO’s tax planning website, designed to help investors and tax agents make informed investment decisions. Features a checklist of what to look for

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GST and the sale of vacant land

  A frequent query from tax practitioners who contact Tax & Super Australia’s member-only helpline service is whether a sale of a vacant block of land would be subject to GST. In this worked example, we walk through a scenario where a taxpayer disposes of a vacant block of land on which residential property was

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Have your clients had a change in creditable purpose?

  Sometimes your clients may use a property they purchase in a way that is different to what they originally planned. Remind them that if they claimed GST credits for property purchases they now use to make input-taxed supplies, they need to report adjustments for this change in creditable purpose in their activity statement. For

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