Unpaid “crypto” tax another big target for ATO revenue collection

For some time now, the ATO’s data matching arm has been collecting bulk records from Australian cryptocurrency designated service providers. It follows a growth in Australian taxpayer participation with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets over recent years, with estimations from the ATO that between 500,000 to one million local taxpayers (including SMSFs) have invested in

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Bitcoin: Its place in your wallet or SMSF portfolio

  The dramatic rise in value (and then fall) of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has sparked interest among SMSF trustees on its potential as an investment, particularly in a marketplace of low-interest rates, erratic sharemarkets and an easing in property. While bitcoin may be the most well-known cryptocurrency, there are nearly 1,500 in existence. In

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Can bitcoin be a personal use asset?

  A question was asked of the ATO recently, via its “ATO Community” webpage (find out more about that here) that centred on the viability of deeming bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) as a personal use asset. The follow-up portions of the question of bitcoin as a personal use asset were as follows: Does a taxpayer

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