annual audit

ATO takes aim at ‘you-scratch-my-back’ auditing arrangements

It has long been an accepted standard that the auditor of an SMSF needs to be independent of that fund, and be a third party entity to the SMSF. This requirement is written into the SISR legislation. There have of course been breaches of this requirement, and instances where auditors and/or fund trustees have suffered

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Tips and traps for SMSFs when moving auditors

  The start of the SMSF audit season can also be the time of year that people consider whether they want to change their audit provider — generally from the beginning of the new financial year to after the end of August. There can be various reasons why an SMSF service provider such as an

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A modern solution for the annual SMSF audit

  Rosie Squibb is a Chartered Accountant operating her own practice in the Nambucca Valley on the mid-north coast of NSW and provides tax and accounting services and advice to SMSF trustees. As readers will know, Section 35C of the SIS Act requires all superannuation funds, regardless of size or type, to be audited on

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