Industry specific (free) SuperStream webinars

The Tax Office has begun contacting employers in specified industry groups with tailored support to help them understand and start using SuperStream.

The Tax Office says it will be making contact over the coming months with small business employers that may not yet be using SuperStream to make super contributions. In all there are 22 industry groups targeted, with the Tax Office aiming to provide employers in each industry group with SuperStream information during an assigned two week window. A schedule is provided at this Tax Office webpage.

Included in the support program is a series of free webinars for specific industries. For example:

  • pharmacy and cosmetics industry, Tuesday October 13, 3pm
  • general practitioners, dental and specialists, Tuesday October 20, 10am
  • café, restaurant, catering, take away, Tuesday October 27, 4pm

See this Tax Office page for the full upcoming schedule of webinars, which stretch out to early 2016 (the cut-off date for full implementation of SuperStream is June 30, 2016). Other industry sectors covered include:

  • fruit and vegetable, floristry, or farming industries
  • hairdressing and beauty services
  • trades industry
  • automotive and repair
  • engineering and technical services
  • bus, taxi and road freight industries
  • consulting (management & IT)
  • banking and finance, insurance and super
  • accommodation, pubs and clubs
  • food and grocery
  • manufacturing, general
  • building and employment services
  • metals and engineering
  • other specialists and boutique
  • accounting and legal
  • hospitals, clinics, aged care, accommodation and allied
  • education and training.

The Tax Office has also updated its Employer checklist: a step-by-step guide to preparing for SuperStream to make it easier for employers to see what they need to do and choose a solution that best suits them.

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