Some ATO forms that SMSF trustees may need

SMSF trustees may find that occasionally a particular form is needed to be able to complete an administrative task for the ATO.

Rather than have you searching the vast labyrinth of the ATO’s website for SMSF forms, we thought it helpful to list some of the required forms here (you could even bookmark this page, in case you need to come back to it in the future).

The links will take you to the ATO webpage where you can download the document, and most of the time these pages will also have instructions about the form and how to use it.

*Over time, the ATO may update or change some forms. The NAT number (which merely stands for “national”) is listed so that readers can confirm they have the correct form. Although documents can be changed over time, its allocated number remains the same.

**The word “year” above is intended to refer to the suffix that would correspond to the relevant year. For example, for the 2018 annual return, the NAT number is 71226-6.2018. For the same form that applies to 2019, the NAT would be 71226-6.2019.

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