Single-issue politics does not equal balanced tax reform

The constructive debate over tax reform initiated after the launch of the tax white paper appears to have been hijacked by political point-scoring in recent times, Taxpayers Australia said today. Single-issue politics does not equal balanced tax reform

Moti Kshirsagar, Taxpayers Australia’s chief executive officer, said it was especially disappointing to see the structured and systematic process that started with the release of the Re:Think paper beginning to disintegrate and the focus shift to narrow discussions involving individual issues.

“Playing single-issue politics in the area of taxation could prove to be dangerous. This could lead to a debate that fails to give taxpayers and tax professionals a balanced perspective on how each change affects the entire tax system.”

Kshirsagar said that the white paper process was a constructive beginning to a discussion on tax reform, which provided the opportunity for organisations like Taxpayers Australia to engage in a broad and principled discussion on the design of the tax system.

“Taxpayers Australia participated in the white paper process like many other constituents. We hoped that the process would follow the normal course towards the finalisation of government policy,” said Kshirsagar.

“The Federal Government appears to have set aside the white paper development process and has opted for a different approach to tackling reform issues through the Federal Budget,” he said. “It is disappointing to see that the significant work that went into consulting members in drafting the submission is being overshadowed by political expediency in the lead up to the federal election later this year.”


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