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Remote and non-roadside mail delivery exposes an ASIC shortcoming
I have had several clients, who live in a non-roadside mail delivery area, have their company/ies deregistered or nearly deregistered. Irrespective of who sets up a company, ASIC require you provide your street address. This is problematic for anyone in a rural or remote area. The end result is that the ASIC mail never reaches the company officer and never gets paid.  The company is fined and can eventually be deregistered for non-payment of fees.

If you are a registered agent, you must also obtain permission to add the client to your agent listing – it is NOT automatic.  If you are not listed for the client, you don’t receive any correspondence.  It is quite easy to overlook this.

It would be simpler if the company registration form also includes the AGENT registration number as part of the registration process.  From the outset ASIC knows that a particular agent will be responsible and can receive the mail electronically without the same level of risk for non-delivery.

If we can lobby ASIC towards the company providing a mailing address upon registration or/and an email address, in addition to the street address this will stop mailing issues from the outset. And if the application form also includes the registered agent number, then electronic delivery is assured from the outset. I certainly feel this will dramatically reduce workload from de-registrations and re-registrations! Even though the process to re-register is “somewhat” straightforward, matters should not get that far!

ASIC have been using postal/email addresses for business name registrations for some years now.  Why can’t they do it for companies? (I was told that the legislation demands a street address – which might be why). Currently ASIC just automatically mail out and then mark a company as UNCLAIMED mail on their system. They never phone the company officer to “follow-up” on an unpaid account.  Surely for the sake of $270 fee revenue a phone call could be made. (This could even be an automated message service, to save human time and reduce costs!)  

Hopefully this might help sort the issues out far more quickly and save ASIC and the company significant time and penalties. As a taxpayer, I find it incredulous that ASIC don’t follow up unpaid accounts with at least a call.  The cynic in me says they just increase their revenue collections by charging higher fees elsewhere (financial planning fees for limited licensees springs to mind)!  Once the company is marked as UNCLAIMED mail ASIC appear to do nothing to try to recover (taxpayers) money.

As a small business the efficiency of larger organisations I deal with has a marked impact on my own capacities.  Time is precious and ASIC systems and procedures are often inefficient.  It would be a big help to get this streamlined.

Lyn, NT

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  1. Dennis

    Further, ASIC have what they say are actual correct addresses that are not correct. Without disclosing the suburb the actual address location of my clients registered office is 304-318 Kingsway. ASIC state it is not correct as it should be 302-318. 302 is actually across two (2) roads away but they will have none of it!

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