The place for alternative investments in SMSF portfolios

The concept of alternative investments encompasses a mix of assets and strategies that sit on the peripheral of traditional asset classes such as shares, property and cash. An attraction associated with alternative investments is their ability to deliver portfolio diversification — and hence potential risk abatement. The place for alternative investments in SMSF portfolios

While the proportion of alternative investments in any given SMSF portfolio will very largely depend on a trustee’s own situation, the fundamental approach to managing alternatives remains the focus on volatility and a trustee’s risk profile.

Being such an individual choice, there are many decisions that an SMSF trustee must make in regard to such investments, not least of which is the proportion of the portfolio that will comprise alternatives. Another important factor is liquidity, with consideration likely needed in regards to the paths available to realise the value of alternative holdings. And any such allocation to alternatives will of course also need to align with the overall objective of the fund.

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