Perth tax updates for 2018

The Perth tax update seminars are exclusive to Perth, and will keep you abreast of the practical implications of developments in key areas. Presented by TaxBanter, these sessions focus on the practical issues faced by advisers and how they will affect you and your clients. Each session covers:

  • Recent taxation cases (including AATA, Federal Court and High Court decisions) and how they will affect your day-to-day taxation and financial planning advice
  • Recent tax rulings and determinations
  • Recent changes to tax legislation including new Bills and ATO interpretations
  • Guidelines for tax planning strategies that really work
  • A brief review of state and territory taxes.

Attendees receive comprehensive indexed notes outlining new income tax legislation, tax rulings and cases and special income tax issues. The sessions are worth four CPD hours each, are held on the dates listed below, and run from 2pm until 6pm. They are held at Hotel Ibis, 334 Murray St, Perth.

For 2018, the planned quarterly updates will look at various relevant topics.

FEBRUARY 12: Trusts — lessons from the courts
Lessons learned from the courts regarding trusts, with a summary of key decisions about:

  • Trust distributions including asset revaluations
  • Powers of trustees
  • Dealing with trust income and streaming

MAY 7: Impact of the company tax cuts on franking dividends

  • Qualifying for the lower tax rate
  • Impact on the franking account
  • Moving in and out of the thresholds in the years ahead
  • Consequences for shareholders

AUGUST 13: Home office and other work related expenses in the ATO’s sights

  • Working out whether your activity is a business or hobby
  • Claiming occupancy expenses, running expenses, apportionment
  • Substantiation & ATO guidance
  • Impact on main residence exemption

NOVEMBER 12: Moving assets out of trusts

  • Sales, capital distributions, in specie transfers and the applicable CGT events
  • Setting up a new trust and the rule against perpetuities
  • Distributions on vesting
  • Extending the vesting date

Attendees get a 10% discount when booking all four sessions.
For more details, and to make a booking, see here.

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