Payroll taxes and JobKeeper: A smorgasbord of guidance

As members and other casual readers will know, JobKeeper 2.0 starts from today (Monday 28 September). Tax & Super Australia’s comprehensive webinar on the JobKeeper extension was held last Friday — but if you missed it there is a recording of the webinar which is free to members (non-members can also access the recording for a very reasonable price).

In regard to the interaction between the new JobKeeper scheme and payroll taxes however, it is important to know that the different jurisdictions have up-to-date payroll tax guidance.

The Corporate Tax Association has composed, and kindly shared with members of Tax & Super Australia, a reference table with links to the various state and territory websites with all the JobKeeper payroll tax related information currently available.


New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory


South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory

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