Free webinar recording: COVID-19 stimulus package

There is confusion, and some anger, over the way the package operates for businesses. In this webinar, John Jeffreys, Tax Counsel of Tax & Super Australia, explains the package and answers your questions. 

Cov\ered in the free webinar recording below:

  • Full details of the “cash flow boost” – who gets it, how much, and when
  • The anti-avoidance provision
  • The instant asset write-off, including some aspects of this that may not be widely known
  • Superannuation early release
  • Corporation law changes
  • ATO administrative relief
  • Latest news from the ATO on aspects of the package
  • Examples of the operation of the measures

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Website Comments

  1. Gary Lissa

    With the Jobkeeper subsidy – Are employers to pay the staff now with the hope of being approved later?

    • Toni Huang

      About the JobKeeper subsidy, will the ATO create a link for Employer to apply? currently there is only a link to “Register you interest”. If the Employers call back the stood-down employees now, they want to make sure they can be successfully approved by the ATO on 1 May.

  2. Lisa

    Hi I am self employed and have lost all my earnings through this business due to the coronavirus. I am also employed for one hour a week by a small business for the last 2 months only. Will I still be able to claim the job keeper payment as my main income has reduced through my main business.

    Thanks. Lisa

    • Margaret Sard

      Good question I have clients in the same position. Small business that has 2 self employed people (husband and wife)and had to shut down the business because of corona virus – one of the partners has got a casual job at another location for 8 hours per week. The other has not secured any employment. Are they eligible to receive the full payment or the one that works will they get part payment? The one that doesn’t have work will they get the payment or will they be assessed as a couple?

      • Steve Burnham

        John Jeffreys replies: Hi Margaret. Thanks for your question. My current understanding is that the individual who is not employed will be able to access the JobKeeper payment. However, the legislation has not yet become available and that will need to be confirmed once the legislation has passed parliament.

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