Essential collection of super articles to help fuel election policy debate

Essential collection of super articles to help fuel election policy debate. Superannuation will again feature as a contentious topic in the upcoming Federal Election but help is at hand to understand the regulatory landscape. Essential collection of super articles to help fuel election policy debate

The Tax Research Foundation Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Taxpayers Australia Limited, has today released its Tax Policy Journal with superannuation being the central focus.

A group of prominent commentators including Stephen van Eyck from van Eyck Research, the Australia Institute’s Richard Denniss and Simon Cowan from the Centre for Independent Studies have all provided their insights.

The collection of articles is intended to help readers shape their views on superannuation policy as the Federal Election campaign gets into full gear.

“Australian policy makers and taxpayers all need to understand this important area better. It will be a major campaign issue and further knowledge in the area is necessary to make an informed judgement when casting a vote later this year,” said Stephen Ware, the spokesman for the research foundation.

“Debate on superannuation has at times been emotive and other times analytical. This edition of the Tax Policy Journal provides a much needed insight into the topic in the midst of the noise and clatter of an election campaign,” Ware said.

Ware said the policy journal has been much sought after by politicians and opinion leaders in past years.

“The Tax Research Foundation is aware of the need to provide a context and entry point to contentious debates. We strive to ensure we provide people with the opportunity to come to an informed view. This edition is no exception.”


Note to editor: For further information and comment on superannuation please contact Lisa Greig, Business Services Manager at Taxpayers Australia, on 03 8851 4505.

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