Contribute to the conversation

Have you got information or a viewpoint that could benefit other tax and SMSF practitioners? Do you have a story to tell from the practitioner coalface? You are invited to apply to be a guest speaker on the Tax Wrap podcast, or to contribute an article to the Tax & Super Newsroom.

Recording Tax Wrap can be done over the phone as long as there is a clear connection, so it doesn’t matter what location you are in. Conversations can be quite short or however long the topic discussed needs, but are generally longer than 10 minutes and shorter than an hour.

Articles suitable for the Newsroom need not be too long either (200 to 1,000 words is an average range) and, as stated, should ideally be on topics that will be of interest to fellow practitioners. Stories will not be considered for publication if they are blatantly promotional.

To apply for an appearance on the Tax Wrap podcast, email your ideas to, including your contact details. To contribute an article to our Newsroom, email and include the subject of the article as well as contact details.

We reserve the right to decline any application.