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GIC and SIC rates change

The ATO has advised that the general interest charge (GIC) rate and shortfall interest charge (SIC) rate, for the April-June quarter of the 2017-18 income tax year, are as follows: GIC and SIC rates change GIC annual rate is 8.77% GIC daily compounding rate is 0.02402740%. SIC annual rate is 4.77% SIC daily compounding rate

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Useful tax calculators — (bookmark this!)

The following are useful tax calculators that we have sourced for you. They mostly come from the Tax Office, but also other government agencies. Now you don’t have to sort through endless webpages to find the right calculator or tool. A simple income tax calculator Tax & You Do I need to lodge a tax

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SMSFs: Here’s an extensive toolkit of ATO forms you’ll need

SMSF trustees may find that occasionally a particular form is needed to be able to complete an administrative task for the ATO. SMSFs: Here’s a complete list of tax office forms you’ll need Rather than have you searching the vast labyrinth of the ATO’s website for SMSF forms, we thought it helpful to list some

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Checklist of business deductions

This non-exhaustive checklist of business deductions is designed to provide an easy reference guide to the types of deductions that might be claimed by businesses. This checklist should be read in conjunction with a similar checklist for employees that was published last week (read it here). Note that these deductions may not necessarily be available,

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