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The ATO and tax practitioners: Bouquets or brickbats?

The office of the Inspector-General of Taxation now and then reviews the functionality of the relationship between the ATO and tax practitioners in general. ATO tax practitioners: Bouquets brickbats? As the Inspector-General (IGT) said in the last such review: “Tax practitioners play an important role in the tripartite relationship with the ATO and taxpayers, as

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Making the most of the ATO’s client communications list

The ATO is working with the government to transfer its services online. And as digital interactions increase, tax practitioners should be able to access more correspondence via the ATO’s “client communication list” (CCL) rather than traditional paper mail. The CCL function in the tax agent and BAS agent portals gives practitioners online access to communications

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Think you know BAS backwards? It may not satisfy the TPB

Think you know BAS backwards? It may not satisfy the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). Late last year, Mervyn Walsh lodged an application with the TPB for registration as a BAS agent. This was consequently knocked back by the TPB, and the reasons for it doing so may be salient and educational for both practising and

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How to get your clients’ myDeductions data

How to get your clients’ myDeductions data The myDeductions tool in the ATO app helps your individual clients keep track of their work-related expenses, gifts and donations on the go. They can email you a CSV file of the deductions they plan to claim, or upload these details to the ATO. If they use the

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Internal tax documents released — a peek into court interpretations

The ATO has released on its legal database a series of what until recently have been internal ATO documents. Internal tax documents released The release of these documents in an initiative that the ATO has labelled “iNOW!” (a contraction of “interpretation now”) and is, according to assistant commissioner Gordon Brysland, “a reinvention initiative to drive

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