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Tread carefully when splitting income

  Now and then the ATO issues warnings on how its general anti-avoidance legislation can apply to professional firms that allocate profits to individual professional practitioners with proprietorship in the firm. Firms potentially affected include those providing services in the accounting, architectural, engineering, financial services, legal and medical professions. Professional firms can be structured in

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Tax & Super members respond with black economy solutions

  In the 2018-19 federal budget, the government announced a review of existing criminal offences and civil and administrative penalties for black economy activity. As part of this process, Treasury issued a consultation paper late last year, which was titled Improving black economy enforcement and offences (download it here). Tax & Super Australia provided a submission

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ATO developing new online services for agents

  Practitioners’ views of the ATO’s existing tax agent and BAS agent portals will be many and varied, but it is not too long a stretch to say that the outcomes for tax professionals from both of these portals has been found wanting on more than one occasion. The ATO itself admits that the incumbent

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Separate or aggregate CGT assets? The role of subdivision 108-D

  Under common law, when an accessory is annexed to a principal asset (such as land) the accessory becomes part of that principal asset. Theoretically, without an adjustment to the tax rules, if the principal asset of land had been acquired pre-CGT (before 20 September 1985), any building on that land or any addition to

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Practitioners with their own tax debt given weeks to fix it

  Practitioners with outstanding tax obligations have a small window to smooth the way forward. The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has initiated a compliance project targeting tax practitioners — basically calling on its own members to settle all outstanding debt and lodgment obligations. The focus of the TPB strategy is on registered tax and BAS

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