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High Court deduction case

An ATO appeal against a gaming machine operator’s win over a large tax deduction has been won. It may have long ramifications for other gaming machine operators, as well as future treatments of

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Testamentary trusts

Proposed change to testamentary trusts in relation to minors regarding assets transferred to a trust on or after 1 July 2019, with an aim to stop people using these trusts to obtain a lower tax

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Commercial debt forgiveness

The ATO is questioning the reason of “natural love and affection” when forgiving a commercial debt, and whether that exemption should only apply to creditors that are natural persons.

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Restrictions on cash payments

Applying from 1 January 2020, this is part of an attack on the black economy. Cash can be foreign currency and also digital. It is expected that individual-to-individual transaction may be exempt.

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