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Daily update: 30 Aug – 3 Sept

Wednesday 1 September NSW: JobSaver expanded for large tourism, hospitality etcThe NSW Government has announced an expanded 2021 COVID-19 JobSaver payment for tourism, hospitality or recreation

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Whacky Tax Facts

If the tax system seems unfathomable sometimes, keep in mind that throughout human history there has been a plethora of “strange” rules and regulations in regards to tax that citizens of various

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Remote and non-roadside mail…

Remote and non-roadside mail delivery exposes an ASIC shortcomingI have had several clients, who live in a non-roadside mail delivery area, have their company/ies deregistered or nearly

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Lodgment demands frustration

The lodgment demands is a problem I’m facing at the moment. The ATO has a current campaign of demanding lodgments which seems to have unreasonable timeframes. They have rung me about a

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