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With property valuations tax, make sure you get an appropriate estimation

Not all taxpayers may be aware of how the use of estimates can impact their annual tax bill. Estimates are most commonly used in apportioning expenses between private and business use.  More importantly however is the use of valuations to estimate the cost of transactions that are not arm’s-length or when no actual cash changes

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ATO crowdfunding guidance raises questions over gratuities, specialty donations

With the Uber-GST stoush earlier this year mostly settled, the Tax Office has offered an olive branch to another high-profile disruptive economy in the form of provisional guidance that promises things will change if they need to. Historically the Tax Office’s stance on crowdfunding has been narrow but definitive. Late last year, the regulator said

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Payday lending – Be wary!

Payday loans, so called because they are meant to tide a person over until their next pay packet, have proliferated over recent times — and appear to be a permanent pothole in the financial landscape that can trip up the financially vulnerable in desperate times. Payday lending – Be wary! The lenders issue small amounts of

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