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The Tax Office asked small business how it can help: Here’s what you told it

The Tax Commissioner, Chris Jordan, spoke at the annual National Small Business Summit a few weeks ago, fulfilling a commitment to return a year before. In between these engagements, Jordan’s staff were out and about across the country consulting thousands of small businesses owners, getting feedback and input from each one about the Tax Office’s

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Tax Office confirms Uber drivers to pay GST

Embattled ride-sharing service Uber this week said it will challenge new guidance released by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) that its drivers must collect and pay GST. GST on Uber drivers makes sense. Uber believes its ‘driver-partners’ are being unfairly treated by the ATO because other “sharing economy” services like Airbnb have not been singled

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Single touch payroll delayed for more consultation

When the Single Touch Payroll initiative was first floated at the end of 2014, it was touted as a tool that would eliminate several red-tape producing processes and do away with the need for many reporting demands presently dumped on small business owners. It is called “single touch” because the interactive online tool is intended

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3 money-smart ways to beat bracket creep

It’s little wonder the phrase ‘bracket creep’ summons up images of spiders and other nightmarish creepy-crawlies. While it’s not a bad thing to earn more money, get a raise, or have your salary adjusted with inflation, unwittingly jumping into a higher tax bracket can negate any fiscal gains you make from the added income. The

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5 smart things to do: Some tax refund tips

Someone wise once said the best time to plant a tree is today. For most youths that’s a negligible truth; when you’re young, the last thing you want to do is put money away for a version of yourself you won’t be for a long time. Young people want cars and clothes and holidays and

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