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Tax & Super Australia is about to celebrate 100 years

World Taxpayers Conference Last call tickets In the month of May, as the clock ticks over for Tax & Super Australia’s 100 year birthday, we will be teaming up with The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance for a four day conference, from May 23 to 26 inclusive, to exchange ideas and learn from the best practices of

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Trusts in the news again

by Michael Messner Trusts continue to be newsworthy, particularly when our political parties are in election mode and they want to appeal to the vast majority of Australians who are pay-as-you-go (PAYG) taxpayers. The reform of trusts was put back in the spotlight when the Labor leader Bill Shorten announced that, if elected, the Labor

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Changes to the residency rules, but will they last?

  The 2019 full Federal Court decision in Harding v Commissioner of Taxation may make it easier for expatriates to prove that they are non-residents for tax purposes. By doing so, only their Australian-sourced income has to be declared on their tax return (not their worldwide income). The Full Federal Court ruled that a taxpayer,

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Tailored tax technical assistance

  The ATO provides tailored technical assistance in some circumstances, which can be provided either orally or in writing, depending on the nature and complexity of each query. A taxpayer or their adviser may need to seek tailored technical assistance if: they’re not able to find the ATO view of how a tax law applies

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An ATO “living expenses” tool to tackle the black economy

  It’s known by a variety of names, such as the black economy, or even the cash or hidden economy. But whatever the label, its existence is a pebble in the ATO’s shoe that it is forever looking to prise out. As part of that ongoing effort, the revenue agency has settled upon different sets

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