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Top 10 Tax & Super newsroom posts for calendar 2018

  Over the calendar year 2018 there have been many notable tax and self-managed super developments. Apart from bringing news and updates to Tax & Super Australia members and many others, the newsroom page of our website can also serve as a litmus test for what matters most to the tax practitioner community (driven by

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What is the ‘tax gap’? And how does the ATO measure it?

  Every year, the ATO measures its revenue and compares that total against the amount of revenue it should have made were every taxpayer fully compliant. As you may expect, very often the two numbers are different. And it is this discrepancy that has become known as the “tax gap”. The ATO’s projected revenue total

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Guide to making motor vehicle expense claims

  A perennial tax topic that clients keep coming back to is claiming expenses for a car. The following notes summarise the most salient points for your clients when it comes to claiming a deduction for motor vehicle expenses. Key points to remind your clients about include: the way a claim is calculated depends on

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CGT and divorce: Rolling over separation anxiety

  With apparently one in three marriages ending in divorce in Australia, the CGT rollover provisions for the transfer of assets following a divorce or relationship breakdown (including a same-sex marriage or relationship) are quite significant. The great “Sandini” The recent case of Ellison v Sandini Pty Ltd [2018] FCAFC confirmed that the rollover is

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