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How much do we need to put aside for retirement?

  How much do you need to retire? When it comes to superannuation and retirement savings, it seems that size really does matter. There are other considerations of course, but for the most part the focus will be on finances when people aim to “improve” their post-work life prospects. The question of how much retirement

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Problem with over-withdrawing a TRIS, and the solution

  Peter Johnson, director of the national network of AFSL-licenced specialists The SMSF Expert, answers a question regarding a fund member with a TRIS that has drawn more than the 10% cap.   Problem with over-withdrawing a TRIS, and the solution Problem with over-withdrawing a TRIS, and the solution Problem with over-withdrawing a TRIS, and the

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The pension loans scheme

  To help pensioners who are asset rich but income poor, the government launched its own version of a financial product that has been commercially available for some time, the reverse mortgage. The government’s answer is its pension loans scheme (PLS), whereby a pensioner can apply for a non-taxable loan using some form of real

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Tips and traps for SMSFs when moving auditors

  The start of the SMSF audit season can also be the time of year that people consider whether they want to change their audit provider — generally from the beginning of the new financial year to after the end of August. There can be various reasons why an SMSF service provider such as an

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SMSF advisers: Be sure you avoid this new year’s day hangover

  A deadline that many SMSF professionals may have lost sight of is fast approaching — 1 January 2019. This is when new educational requirements for SMSF advisers start, and the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) takes over setting the educational and ethical requirements to be a financial adviser. Other important dates to

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