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SMSF advisers: Be sure you avoid this new year’s day hangover

  A deadline that many SMSF professionals may have lost sight of is fast approaching — 1 January 2019. This is when new educational requirements for SMSF advisers start, and the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) takes over setting the educational and ethical requirements to be a financial adviser. Other important dates to

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SMSFs: Here’s an updated toolkit of ATO forms you’ll need

  SMSF trustees may find that occasionally a particular form is needed to be able to complete an administrative task for the ATO. Rather than have you searching the vast labyrinth of the ATO’s website for SMSF forms, we thought it helpful to list some of the required forms here (you could even bookmark this

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Forced unwinding of your LRBA? Best to have a contingency plan

  Limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) were once all the rage in SMSF land. However, with the tightening of banking rules this frenzy has begun to abate somewhat over the last few years. LRBAs are great in a growing market as they allow an SMSF to grow the value of assets it holds in the

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How an SMSF can acquire related residential property

  The acquisition of residential property from a related party of an SMSF trustee is ordinarily prohibited, even though this may form part of a sound investment strategy for the fund. There are however exceptional circumstances where such a prohibition does not apply. There is a certain exemption available under s66 of the Superannuation Industry

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