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What the Royal Commission has uncovered on superannuation

  The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (to give it it’s full name, but we can just call it the Commission) has provided a steady diet of horror stories and shone a not-too-pleasant light into the murky world of corporate financial advice. While no sector came out unscathed,

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Could your SMSF survive losing refundable franking credits?

  You may or may not subscribe to the belief that Australia faces a change of government in the near future. The arguments for and against and the volume of discussions held over the barbecue are likely to ramp-up in the time between now and the next federal election, which must be held before the

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How much do we need to put aside for retirement?

  How much do you need to retire? When it comes to superannuation and retirement savings, it seems that size really does matter. There are other considerations of course, but for the most part the focus will be on finances when people aim to “improve” their post-work life prospects. The question of how much retirement

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