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SMSF commutation requests: How to get the green light from the ATO

  The ATO has issued guidance on its approach to commutation requests, which is an essential piece of information for SMSF trustees because it explains which commutation requests will not be subject to an ATO review. The practical compliance guideline concerned is PCG 2017/5. With recently introduced superannuation rules now in effect (from 1 July

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Bitcoin: Its place in your wallet or SMSF portfolio

  The dramatic rise in value (and then fall) of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has sparked interest among SMSF trustees on its potential as an investment, particularly in a marketplace of low-interest rates, erratic sharemarkets and an easing in property. While bitcoin may be the most well-known cryptocurrency, there are nearly 1,500 in existence. In

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ATO is scanning for personal services income diverted to SMSFs

  The ATO has announced that it is reviewing arrangements where members of an SMSF (typically at, or approaching, retirement age) purport to divert income earned from their personal services (that is, PSI) to their fund, which results in minimising or even avoiding tax altogether on that income. The ATO says these arrangements typically display

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