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Rejected super tax reforms could be back on the table

Reforms to superannuation taxes seem to be firmly back on the negotiating table after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s mini-summit last week. Business and community group participants were reportedly in near-unanimous agreement that tax concessions were in need of review in the reform process to ensure these were “fit for purpose” in Australia’s future tax landscape.

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Industry specific (free) SuperStream webinars

The Tax Office has begun contacting employers in specified industry groups with tailored support to help them understand and start using SuperStream. The Tax Office says it will be making contact over the coming months with small business employers that may not yet be using SuperStream to make super contributions. In all there are 22

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What type of SMSF trustee are you?

As your professional life progresses, you will undoubtedly be asked to undertake a personality inventory to apply the theory of psychological types to team environments. One of the most common of these is the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator. A similar inventory has been applied to SMSF trustees with two studies undertaken by independent research group CoreData.

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Dividend stripping in the taxman’s firing line

The Tax Office has recently warned about the practice known as “dividend stripping”, and has drawn attention to a previously issued taxpayer alert also warning against these arrangements. Of particular concern is dividend stripping involving the transfer of private company shares to a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF). The Tax Office says the typical target audience

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