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Draft Taxation Ruling TR 2022/D1

Further to our submission made dated 18 February 2022, on the 11 April 2022 Tax and Super Australia as an advocate for our members and the tax and superannuation industry, made a submission to

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Daily Update – 1 February 2022

News Audit into ATO engagement with tax agentsFurther to our article on this issue of December last year, Tax & Super Australia today met with members of the Australian National Audit

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Daily Update – 24 January 2022

News  Call for RATs to be deductible to businessesAn employer association has called for confirmation of the circumstances in which RATs tests would be deductible. In particular, they state that

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Daily Update – 18 January 2022

No Jobkeeper entitlement – previous employee nominationThe AAT has ruled that a taxpayer who was both an employee and sole trader could not qualify for JobKeeper payments as a “business

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