ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling

The ATO has published what pre-fill information is available for this Tax Time. It says practitioners can use its pre-filling service to cross-check information provided by your clients with data held by the ATO. This will help ensure the accuracy of returns. ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling

Pre-filling information is available through the Tax Agent Portal and the practitioner lodgment service (PLS).

The pre-filling service 2017 includes the following updates and new data:

  • reportable fringe benefits and working holiday maker data from payment summaries
  • work-related expense messages indicating if your clients made higher than expected claims last year (only available in the portal)
  • primary and non-primary production closing stock amounts (only available in the portal) and private health insurance tax claim codes (only available in the PLS) from prior-year tax returns
  • message for some government payment types
  • investment company capital gain deductions from dividend income
  • share of early stage investor tax offset, foreign resident capital gains withholding and exploration credits from managed fund distributions
  • net rental property loss and share of early stage investor offset from partnership distributions income
  • address and contract information from property transfers
  • interest offset account indicator for net farm management deposits or repayments
  • removal of type of policy from Medicare levy surcharge
  • repayable amounts for student start-up loans
  • additional data from the myDeductions app uploaded by your clients (only available in the PLS).

Remember, the pre-filling service only reflects the information received by the ATO at the date you request the data. The ATO reminds practitioners that it expects most pre-filling information to be available by mid-August.

For a more detailed list of what is provided with pre-filling, see this ATO webpage.

ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling ATO announces what’s new in pre-filling 

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