Trust streaming of capital gains and franked dividends

The ATO has stated that a trust’s capital gains and franked dividends can, if not prevented by the trust deed, be streamed to beneficiaries for tax purposes by making these beneficiaries “specifically entitled” (more below) to the amounts. Streaming trust capital gains and franked distributions This allows beneficiaries to offset capital gains with their capital

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Overview of estate planning and testamentary trusts

Estate planning involves developing a strategy to deal with assets after a person dies – with the legal instruments and structures, such as a will, put in place to transfer the ownership of these assets in the event of death. Estate planning and testamentary trusts Tax is a major consideration in estate planning, and strong

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The process (and pros and cons) of ‘electing’ to be a family trust

Trusts are an important and very useful concept for managing one’s financial affairs, as well as estate planning. The pros and cons of ‘electing’ to be a family trust A trust is established whenever there is a separation of the legal ownership (for example, the name appearing on a land title) from the beneficial (equitable)

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