Government backflips on major elements of the proposed superannuation tax reforms

The announcement today by the Government on the tempering of superannuation changes has delivered mixed news for Australian taxpayers.Government backflips on major elements of the proposed tax reforms Tax & Super Australia CEO Moti Kshirsagar says he fully supports the abandonment of the proposed $500,000 retrospective cap, as well as the corralling of $1.6 million

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Tax calculators and tools

Below are the most popular calculators and tools that the ATO has found are most searched for on its website. You can also refine your search options when clicking on the links below. Make sure you click the “apply filter” or “search” buttons after selecting your refinement options to find the specific calculator or tool

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The ATO and tax practitioners: Bouquets or brickbats?

The office of the Inspector-General of Taxation now and then reviews the functionality of the relationship between the ATO and tax practitioners in general. ATO tax practitioners: Bouquets brickbats? As the Inspector-General (IGT) said in the last such review: “Tax practitioners play an important role in the tripartite relationship with the ATO and taxpayers, as

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