tax time 2017

The ATO’s occupation-specific tax deduction guides

To save practitioners time explaining to clients what they can or can’t include as deductions on their tax returns, the ATO has developed a suite of occupation-specific guides. It says these have been designed to help your clients understand what they can think about including, or what is completely off the table, as work-related expenses.

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How are those tax returns progressing? ATO updates its data

A few weeks into the new financial year and the ATO has already been busy crunching a few numbers on the state of play with tax return numbers. One noticeable change from the same time a year ago is the number of current year individual returns lodged on paper. In 2016, nearly 15,000 returns had

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Your clients now have 30 more reasons to get their tax right

A piece of legislation that has just made its way through Parliament means that come July 1, misdemeanors committed by errant taxpayers will become a lot more costly. Penalty units, which are currently pegged at $180 per unit, are set to increase by a little less than 17% (16.6666%) on July 1, 2017. The legislation,

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