tax returns

The ATO’s occupation-specific tax deduction guides

To save practitioners time explaining to clients what they can or can’t include as deductions on their tax returns, the ATO has developed a suite of occupation-specific guides. It says these have been designed to help your clients understand what they can think about including, or what is completely off the table, as work-related expenses.

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Top 10 tips for first time lodgers

The ATO says that last year about half a million Australians lodged a tax return for the first time, with a similar number if not more expected to lodge by the time the looming October 31 deadline arrives for getting your tax return in to the ATO. Top 10 tips for first time lodgers. Of

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Deductibility of training course fees provided to employees

Running a successful small business sometimes requires an upskilled team. If you need your employees to grow their expertise in a particular area, spotting them for short-courses can be a worthwhile endeavour. When providing staff these courses, Tax & Super Australia has observed the following questions for employers to consider from a tax viewpoint. Can

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