ATO continues to educate taxpayers about scams

The ATO has committed to an ongoing strategic communication approach to educate taxpayers on how to protect themselves against tax scams and identity theft. It says it is also aiming to raise awareness on how people can reach out to it for support should they become victims of a scam. In early 2017 the ATO’s

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Tax time = prime time for scams

The ATO is reminding taxpayers that tax time = prime time for scams, and to be on the lookout for tax-related scams during Tax Time 2016. It points out that fraudulent activity surrounding tax is on the increase, noting that in 2015 almost 87,000 phone and email scams were reported to the ATO, which it

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Survey reveals huge surge in number and value of frauds

The latest in a series of six-monthly reports from KPMG has revealed a huge jump in the occurrence and financial value of frauds. Its “Fraud Barometer” showed that over the six month period to March this year, 116 frauds were committed, with a value of $381.1 million (that is, an average of $3.3 million per

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