Get ready to party for International Accounting Day

  It may not be widely recognised, but readers are probably aware that accountants know how to have fun. In fact, there’s even an “International Accounting Day” every year — and naturally it’s being held this year on the best day of the week, this coming Saturday. There is some variation on the dates on

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The pension loans scheme

  To help pensioners who are asset rich but income poor, the government launched its own version of a financial product that has been commercially available for some time, the reverse mortgage. The government’s answer is its pension loans scheme (PLS), whereby a pensioner can apply for a non-taxable loan using some form of real

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If your client’s business loan is knocked back, what can they do?

Despite their best efforts, business owners can still be denied finance when applying for a loan from a bank or other financial institutions. And while a loan refusal can be disappointing, and potentially set back business plans, it can also be an opportunity for a business owner to investigate their business finances and make any

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